The Arbour at Glastonbury 2013

The Arbour won the 2013 Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition. Their prize was a slot on the Acoustic Stage at the Festival but they ended up with a further 3 slots, on the Avalon Stage, Bandstand and backstage at the Pyramid. They took their friend and film-maker, Andrew AB, along for the ride. This is what he witnessed.

Filmed and directed by Andrew AB:

Thanks to the Glastonbury Emerging Talent Competition team, all the production crews, Olly Nendick, Gary Bowden, Ed Boyd, Julia Smith and Andrew AB.

Extra special thanks to Dermot O’Leary, Caroline Flack, Howard Marks (Mr Nice) and Mitch Benn for being excellent sports.

The music is an instrumental version of Prolong by The Arbour.

Prolong was recorded and mixed at Blast Studios in Newcastle by Mark Broughton, and mastered by Dick Beetham at 360 Mastering. Special thanks to Dean Thompson and Ed Boyd.

Bridie Jackson – Vocals, guitar
Jenny Nendick – cello
Rachel Cross – vocals, violin
Carol Bowden – vocals, percussion