Roll Credits…

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who came to see us live, contributed to our crowdfunding campaign, bought merch, said supportive things, or appreciated our music in any way.

We have been helped by so many people, but we wanted to at least attempt to name those who have made a particularly significant contribution to our career, helped us achieve more or just made everything a lot more fun! So here we go…

The people who have contributed in too many ways to mention:

Olly Nendick

Gary Bowden

Nick Pierce

Rachel Cross

Nicky and Bob Smith

Sue and Andy Jackson


Organisations who have funded and mentored us:

Help Musicians UK

PRS for Music Foundation

Arts Council England

City Music Foundation


The Nest Collective


The people who helped us record and release our music, designed our artwork and made our

Mark Broughton

Mick Ross

Andrew 'AB' Abrahamson

Louis Barabbas & all at Debt Records

Lady Kitt

Si Canaway (Supanaught)

Iris Priest

Ed Boyd

Biff Roxby

Eric and Carole Cook (Blast Recording Studios)

John Davis & Dan Baldwin (Metropolis)

Ben Hines

Neil Colebeck

Sam Grant (Blank Studios)

Jona Aal

Jonathan Parker

James Sebright

Amazing Record Co.

Rob Errington (Disczone)


The people who have worked to promote us, booked us for shows, offered us their wisdom, collaborated with us on projects and helped us when we were out on the road:

Sam Lee

Kim Astley-Cooper (Supercat PR)

Matt Bartlett (Midnight Mango)

Ian Roberts

Joe Frankland

Ros Rigby (Sage Gateshead)

Chris Salmon

Sue Wheeler & the Glastonbury Festival ETC team

Eddie Barcan

Brendan Murphy

Kieron Moyles

Alan Thompson

Sean Marsh

David Littlefair

Jason Thompson

Jon Simmons

Graham Shipcote Anderson (Jumpin' Hot Club)

Andy Ferguson (Reflex Records)

Ben Eckersley

Hamish Bell

Richard Turner (The Old Cinema Launderette)

Dave Camlin


Sue Collier

Emma-Jane Foxall

Angie Rance & Gabriel Merryfield

David Murray

Dex Lush (Portmanteau)

Marc Graham

Jane Beese

Gilmore & Roberts

John Challis

Tabitha McGrath

Elizabeth Sills

Emily Barker

I Am Kloot

Beverley McCallion

Ali Cassidy

Ben Holland

Peter Mortimer

Jeff Price

Laura Kirby

David Wright

Sheila Cross

Maggie and John Cridland

Phil Nendick and Judy Fry

The Cumberland Arms

The Cluny

The Butterfly Cabinet

Prince's Trust

Musicians’ Union


Streetwise Opera

Louise Taylor

Hannah Marsden

Toby Lloyd

Madeleine Price

Mark Gibson & the Hive Radio team

Ditte Elly

Emily Portman

Woodhorn Colliery, Bede's World, The Shipley Gallery & Preston Park Museum

Sofia De Castro

Nathalie Stern

Tom Cronin

Ed Alcroft

Ali Healy

Eleanor Mooney


People in the media who have been particularly supportive and lovely:

Nick Roberts

Tom Robinson

Ben Walker

Dermot O'Leary

Paul Kerr (The Devil Has The Best Tuna)

Robin Seamer (Breaking More Waves)

Tony Hardy (Consequence of Sound / Best New Bands)

Alex Gallacher (Folk Radio UK)

Claire Dupree (Narc)

Rob Meddes (The Crack)

Russell Poad (NEMM)

Jeroen Kraakman (Plug In Baby)

Adam Hudson

Fiona Talkington

Cathie Mahonie

Jenny Pitt

Gideon Coe

Bob Fischer

Sharuna Sagar

Sarah Jeffrey

David Whetstone

Mark Ryan

Charlie Ashcroft

Colin Greaves & Matt Horne

Greg Porter & Steve Burrell

Ruth Barnes

Shell Zenner

Kathryn Tickell

Dave Franklin

Emily Brinnand

Anna Mellor

Debs McCoy

John Kennedy

Joe Sparrow (A New Band A Day)

Gary Lewis

Rhys Buchanan

Mark Radcliffe

Guy Garvey

Steve Drayton

Alan Harrison

Mike Davies

David Kidman

Neil King (Fatea)

James Wilson (My Random Jukebox)

Jeff Smith

Suzy Klein

Jessica Treen

Mike Harding

Jon Lewis

Ruth Thomson

Michael Rossi


Thanks for joining us on this adventure!

BJATA farewell