Folk ’15 Help Musicians UK and the Nest Collective Industry Showcase

We’re delighted to announce that we’ve been selected to perform at Folk ’15, an industry showcase event hosted by The Nest Collective and funded by Help Musicians UK, having been nominated by industry professionals to take part, then chosen through a selection panel made up of Nest Collective and British Underground representatives.

With the support of British Underground, the Institute of Composing and Club Inégales, these events will give selected artists valuable opportunities to perform in front of key music industry figures and fellow musicians as well as crucial career mentoring sessions.


Prior to the performance, we will also be joining a panel discussion alongside Peter Conway, (Of Peter Conway Management) Sam Lee of The Nest Collective and members of the band Hot Feet, on the topic of ‘Music, Mates and Money’.

You can buy tickets to the event from the link below:

Folk ’15